Healthy Insider podcast Millennial career paths in food R&D

Connecting with mentors at tradeshow and challenging others help Millennials advance.

Tradeshows are a great way for Millennial professionals in the health and nutrition industry to meet mentors that help them progress their careers, according to Kimberly Schaub senior product developer, Bulletproof, who discusses her occupation with Rena Cohen-First, director of sales for the western region, The Wright Group. This conversation helps others who are finding their calling in food product development. In this podcast, they cover:

  • How Schaub used every opportunity, including the GI Bill and help from mentors, to advance her career.
  • Schaub’s “side hustle” podcast Peas on Moss that interviews chefs and product developers about getting food to market.
  • Imposter syndrome and how Schaub prefers challenging other women rather than seeing them as competition.

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